Matteo Sgalaberni

Matteo Sgalaberni


Chief Technology Officer at, an Italian Internet Service Provider. I can support you in the domains of Information/Communication Technology and Cybersecurity.

As an associate of the Company, my role also consists in liaising with other departments, such as Accounting and Regulatory Affairs.

I have 20+ years experience in Telecommunications industry and the management of critical assets, where I promptly get the big picture of the whole business. I develop projects from scratch, from the planning stage to the final stage of critical troubleshooting in an emergency.

I empower my team to reach a clear vision of quality and iterative business process optimization.

Resolving complex situations is my everyday challenge.

⁞ Insight
If you were in force during the first decade of 2000 you probably heard about me for the development of SgalaSMS, a software with the purpose of sending free SMS via CLI or Email using public Internet websites that were offering free SMS. In 2002 I co-founded

  • IT & Telco Management
  • Linux / Open Source
  • System / Network CyberSecurity
  • Aviation and Flying (Airplane and Trike)
  • I.G.E.A. (Indirizzo Giuridico Economico Aziendale) Programmatore, 2002

    ITCG L. Paolini